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Best Time to Visit Zambia


Peak of Zambia’s wet season, January features heavy showers, gorgeous green scenery, whole flocks of migratory birds, and calving season for many herbivores.

  • Day time maximum temperature = 81°F
  • Night time minimum temperature = 62°F
  • Average rainfall = 200mm
  • Average daylight = 12.5 hours

What's the weather going to be like in Zambia in January?

  • It’s very rainy, with most of the rain falling in the afternoon and overnight
  • January is the peak of the wet season and the wettest month of the year
  • Average daily temperatures are around 72°F
  • Don’t forget to pack your waterproofs!
  • There will be some incredible thunderstorms.

What are the highlights of visiting Zambia in January?

  • At the few camps that are still open, low rates apply (excluding the New Year)
  • There are hardly any other travellers about, making for intimate safari experiences
  • The camps that are open year round offer boating safaris and amazing value for money
  • This time of year is often referred to as the green or emerald season, because of the beautiful verdant scenery
  • It’s calving season, with many herbivores giving birth to their young
  • There are lots of insects around, attracting flocks of migratory birds
  • Many birds are sporting their breeding plumage, and water birds are gathering on pools and lagoons
  • The colourful scenery, dramatic skies, and turbulent rivers of the rainy season result in an exciting time for photographers.

Any lowlights?

  • Many camps are closed at this time of year, as roads are flooded
  • The vegetation is thicker, so animals are harder to spot
  • The weather is hot and humid
  • High humidity brings out the bugs and mosquitoes
  • There’s continuous rainfall throughout the whole month
  • There is limited game viewing potential during this time of year making some areas inaccessible
  • Full days of rain are rare, however there does tend to be 2-3 hours of heavy rain storms
  • After the New Year it can be difficult to find a bush camp experience as camps tend to close because of the heavy rains.

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