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North Luangwa National Park

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North Luangwa National Park Safaris

  • A walking destination only
  • Remote and truly wild
  • Probably the quietest national park we operate in
  • Only one camp of note – Mwaleshi
When To Visit North Luangwa National Park:
When To Visit North Luangwa National Park:
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The North Luangwa is a walking destination only. Remote and truly wild, this park is probably the quietest national park we operate in. There is only one camp here, but many walking enthusiasts claim it is the best in the country.

Linked by air from South Luangwa, North Luangwa is half the size of the southern area and receives only a fraction of its visitors. It probably has the highest amount of ‘wilderness area per guest’ in the whole of Africa - it really is one of the wildest and remotest parks of anywhere we operate safaris!

There are only two camps of note – Mwaleshi and Takwela - and as the only activity is walking, you will not see anyone else while visiting North Luangwa. It is an absolutely excellent safari park, one that suits a client who wants to get as far away from civilization as possible! Our experiences in North Luangwa have been some of the finest safari experiences we have experienced in any park.

North Luangwa is as serious as safari gets. Do not come here expecting anything less! The camps here are more than comfortable, but certainly ‘no frills’. The reality is that you will be fed very well, sleep very well, and be guided by some of the finest guides in the business. If this is what you are after, then look no further. North Luangwa is an outstanding place.

What to do in North Luangwa National Park

Walking, walking and more walking!

When to visit North Luangwa National Park

North Luangwa is a classic dry-season reserve, with the game getting progressively better, the later you travel. June through to October sees large herds concentrate around the rivers. As the game viewing improves, the heat increases, with October the hottest month. The camps shut in November and remain closed from December through to May – there is no wet-season safari up here.

Top tips for your safari vacation

Be prepared to be patient and to appreciate true wilderness when you travel here. Days can be serene and beautiful, but may sometimes lack the serious volumes of game you might be expecting. However, serenity is certainly the key to enjoying North Luangwa, and may be rewarded by very close interactions with lion.

North Luangwa National Park

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