Kafue National Park Safaris

  • Africa’s largest National Park
  • A fraction of the visitors of other Zambian parks
  • Increasingly good concentrations of game
  • A diverse range of habitats to explore
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Kafue is a vast national park, one of Africa’s largest. Lesser known than the Luangwa and the Lower Zambezi, Kafue has a fraction of the number of visitors, yet has increasingly good concentrations of game, and a diverse range of habitats to explore.

Kafue is Africa’s largest National Park. It is more than twice the size of the Luangwa, yet is regarded as the country’s ‘third’ safari area.

The game viewing is often viewed at its best in the northern Busanga Plains area however the rest of the Kafue has a growing reputation for good game outside of the Busanga. The reality is the Busanga has long been the region with the park’s best camps but properties such as Musekese link in the Busanga with excellent boating safaris on the Kafue itself as well as predator rich quieter areas. A trip to Kafue is not complete without a few days spent on the river...the combination of the river and the Busanga being the very best safari to the park.

On the whole, the camps in Kafue are not of the quality of the Luangwa or Lower Zambezi operations. The exception to this rule are Wilderness Safaris camps on the Busanga Plains and the outstanding Musekese as mentioned.

Due to years of poor park management and a general lack of anti-poaching units, Kafue has a history of poaching and poor park management, especially throughout the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. The skittish nature of game is still evident in remote areas but serious investment has been made for the last ten years now and the park has turned the corner.

As with Lower Zambezi, Kafue shuts down from December through to April. We do not advise clients to travel here throughout that period.

What you really need to know
Busanga Plains is a beautiful, quiet and remote place to be on safari. We would always encourage clients to include a few nights here along with time on the river if at all possible.

Game driving by day and by night, as well as walking safaris. Some of the camps here also offer boating safari and fishing.

Time of year to travel
Kafue is a classic dry-season reserve, with the game getting progressively better, the later you travel. June through to November is the only time the best camps are open. As the game viewing improves, the heat increases, with October the hottest month. Kafue’s main camps are shut from December through to May – we advise against trying to travel here during that period.

Top tip
This park has long been all about the Busanga Plains however safari enthusiasts who spend longer in Kafue can find it very rewarding to explore its less famous areas especially the rivers. You are almost guaranteed to have a huge park pretty much to yourself and the sheer volume and diversity of life will always impress. A wonderful place.

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