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Chikoko Tree Camp

  • In the north of South Luangwa National Park
  • A walking camp with three wooden rooms raised on stilts
  • Adventurous and atmospheric, with diverse game and excellent guiding
  • One of our favourite camps
When To Visit South Luangwa National Park:

Chikoko Tree Camp is one of the satellite camps of the fantastic Remote Africa Safaris – a company we wish there were more of. Family owned and family run, there are very few places like this.


Amazing – and such ridiculously good value! What a truly fantastic camp...Chikoko Tree Camp is one of the purest safari experiences we know – adventurous and authentic, yet very high quality. You will not find guiding this good in many places. Combinations with Tafika, Crocodile and the equally amazing Mwaleshi are common itineraries.


Chikoko Tree Camp is located in the north of South Luangwa National Park


Like Chikoko is a three-roomed adventurous walking camp. Its three rooms, made of wood, reeds and thatch, are raised on stilts so that they are up in the trees. All have completely open fronts and an open-air bathroom and toilet underneath. This is one of the most adventurous but also one of the most atmospheric camps we know.


  • The only activity here is walking. The camp is set in one of the best walking areas in the entire South Luangwa Valley. You will not see any other people, just game.

South Luangwa National Park

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