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Balinda Buffalo

‘Dumela’, girls and boys. I’m Balinda Buffalo, from Botswana. I had a wonderful adventure with Zeb and Oki and we managed to explore the whole country.

To learn a bit more about myself and other buffalos, here are five fun facts below. I’ve also made a puzzle for you, and finally there’s a lovely colouring sheet of when Zeb, Oki and I were exploring Botswana's wet areas in a mokoro. 

Fun facts about Balinda and buffalos:

  • There are five types of buffalo and Balinda is a Cape buffalo, the largest and fiercest type! Cape buffalo are twice the size of African forest buffalo and the biggest males weigh in at 1,000 kilograms!
  • The Cape buffalo has huge horns, which are fused on top of its head. Where the horns meet in the middle, the section of bone is called the “boss”! The horns form by the time the buffalo is 5 or 6 years old.
  • The size of a herd of Cape buffalo varies, but most are made up of females, called “cows”, and their female relatives. Herds of bulls join with the female herds during mating season and the males stay with the herd to protect their calves from lion, leopard, and other predators.
  • As adult Cape buffalo are so enormous, their only threat is from lion and a herd of buffalo is able to resist a lion attack. Balinda once rescued a member of her herd from several lions and she has the scars to prove it! She is a very brave lady.
  • Cape buffalo eat long grasses and need to drink every day. When it is time for them to move, the herd votes by sitting in the direction they think they should take. Sometimes it takes as much as an hour for them to agree!

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