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The African Tulip

  • Boutique hotel located on the edge of Arusha
  • Offers great value when compared with its rival properties
  • A great base for relaxing after an international flight and before your safari begins
  • Has a warm and friendly atmosphere
When To Visit Arusha:
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"One of the most affordable but also most reliable properties in Arusha! Yes, it's not the most luxurious, but with a price tag that competes with the best value in town the African Tulip does exactly what it says on the tin... a great option."


The African Tulip is a great-value property for travelers wishing to unwind before their safari and recover from their international flights. However, for a little more comfort and luxury to start your trip, we suggest Onsea House or Machweo House – our favorite property in Arusha.


Located 45 minutes from Kilimanjaro and only 10 minutes from Arusha town center, The African Tulip has a great location where guests can relax before the start of their safari.


The hotel consists of 19 rooms, seven of which are suites. Each room is stylishly decorated with local furniture and fabrics, which creates a safari theme that runs throughout the hotel. 

**For families with children under the age of 6 years, we always request a ground floor room or a room without a balcony for safety reasons. If you stay here with us, please ensure this is what you are given.**


  • After the flight into Arusha, guests can relax by the pool during the day or spend the evening in the ‘Serengeti’ bar or ‘Baobab’ restaurant.


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