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Namibia in April


Emerging from wet season, Namibia is teaming with life – and where parks and reserves start to dry up a bit, wildlife starts to cluster around water sources.

What’s the weather going to be like in Namibia in April

  • Temperatures are moderate and comfortable on the whole
  • Days are generally warm, but nights are becoming cooler
  • It’s the end of the rainy season, though heavy late rains can still be had

What are the highlights of visiting Namibia in April

  • It’s a great time to visit the Skeleton Coast National Park
  • Vibrant colour contrasts in the desert make a superb subject for photography
  • Availability of properties is usually good
  • Rates are still relatively low
  • Mosquito numbers are falling
  • The air feels fresh and there’s very little dust
  • Where water sources start to dwindle, you can expect to see increasing volumes of wildlife at drying rivers and around waterholes
  • There are lots of migratory birds about
  • Desert regions look very scenic, with patches of flowers and greenery

Any lowlights?

  • It can become busy around Easter time
  • If Easter falls this month, properties can get booked up pretty quickly
  • Some years can see heavy late rains

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