Niassa Game Reserve Safari Vacations

  • On the Mozambiquan side of Tanzania's Selous
  • A large reserve - three times as big as the Serengeti
  • One of the last truly wild parts of Africa
  • Very few people indeed opt to travel here
When To Visit Mozambique:

Niassa is on the Mozambiquan side of the Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania. This vast reserve is one of the last truly wild parts of Africa – a place to which very few people indeed opt to travel.

Famous for its elephant populations and a healthy diversity of other game, Niassa is a great park for safari enthusiasts.

Niassa is located in northern Mozambique by the Tanzanian border. Logistically difficult to combine with the majority of trips to Mozambique, Niassa is a destination for safari enthusiasts only. Visitors find an absolutely vast reserve that is three times the size of the Serengeti and twice as large as the Kruger – a pristine area of true wilderness that is exceptionally rare to find nowadays.