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Kenya in April


April sees the beginning of green season, with temperatures falling as sunshine hours decrease – and wildlife inclined to take shelter during the long rains.

What's the weather going to be like in Kenya in April?

  • Generally wet and hot but cool in the evenings
  • Rains begin, as it’s the start of green season
  • With the onset of the rains, there’s a decrease in temperatures on the coast only, especially from the south-east with the winds of the kusi monsoon
  • It’s wet enough for waterproof clothing on standby at all times, plus light layers to cope with the heat during the day
  • We also recommend packing layers as it gets cold in the evenings
  • The amount of sunshine hours goes into decline, and rains can fall all month long

What are the highlights of visiting Kenya in April?

  • Properties tend to be quieter, due to all the rain
  • Prices are usually lower, as it is not peak season
  • The number of other travelers decreases
  • Showers coming in from the coast tend to be brief, typically occurring in late afternoon or overnight
  • There are exciting opportunities for wildlife and landscape photography, due to verdant vegetation and spectacular skies

Any Lowlights?

  • Rainfall prevails and temperatures are very high on the coast – we recommend avoiding this area
  • Rains can be relentless – and even if it’s dry, a lot of clouds remain
  • The likelihood of seeing elephant splashing about in waterholes is reduced – the grey guys’ temperatures are kept comfy by the rains and the cooler kind of climate
  • There are a lot of mosquitoes about
  • Activities take some planning – you’ll need to bring special equipment for protecting your camera equipment, and ensure you make the most of the sunshine hours
  • Tracks through parks become very boggy in the long rains – this can interfere with both vehicle and walking safaris
  • Game species might seek shelter while there’s rain, so sightings can be tricky

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