Horseback Safaris in Kenya

  • A different way to experience a safari.
  • Authentic and adventurous horseback safaris.
  • Impressive scenery and fantastic views.
  • Opportunity to get very close to game.
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For those hoping for a little adventure, something that gets you closer to the action, we recommend horseback safari in Borana or Ol Donyo!

Both expert riders and beginners are accommodated at each destination. Borana is the wilder option, described as the best place in Kenya for horseback safaris! Custom-made excursions can last anywhere from one to ten days, requiring a minimum booking of just four guests. By day, riders explore the immense family-owned Borana Conservancy. Situated in Laikipia, this area has spectacular panoramic views across the Lewa Plains and Samangua Valley as far as the Ngare Ndare Forest, with the slopes of Mount Kenya providing a magnificent backdrop! Come night, riders camp out at one of many community-owned properties in the area or relax in the cosy log cabins of Lake Rutundu.

An Ol Donyo horseback safari offers equally impressive scenery, as this lodge is located in the Amboseli and Chyulu Hills region. The mountain rising majestically in the distance here is Mount Kilimanjaro, over varied terrain of savanna, woodlands, forests, even dried-up lake bed. This is certainly super-size safari, an area in excess of 500,000 hectares! Rather than riding from camp to camp (and cabin), excursions here use deluxe Ol Donyo Lodge as the base. This means that Ol Donyo is better suited to travellers who like a little luxury on safari, though all the properties on the Borana trail are very comfortable indeed!

Whether you choose Borana or Ol Donyo, the experience of horseback safari is awesome. As the smell of the horse masks the rider’s scent, you are able to get much closer to the animals than is possible on vehicle or walking safaris. It is truly thrilling to ride among huge herds of zebra and wildebeest on the plains or to spot a cheetah slinking through the trees! Both locations boast ample wildlife. Borana contains all Big Five animals; Ol Donyo has all bar leopard. Other predators include hyenas, jackals, civet cat and wild dog, while the herbivore count is very high – giraffe, bushbuck, reedbuck, waterbuck, eland, impala, klipspringer, and many more. Bird populations number well into the hundreds, so there really is a lot to see!

If you are considering a trip to Kenya, a horseback safari is an amazing activity to add to your list. Just contact us for more details!