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By Maddie 13 January 2020

La Digue Island truly stole a piece of my heart. Its laidback lifestyle is so refreshing and relaxing when enjoying the tropical sun. I was lucky enough to spend a long weekend exploring this small island, which turns out to be the perfect amount of time to trial its many activities. Below, I've suggested a few things to do on La Digue as well as a few must-visit beaches and bars:

1. Cycle around the island

I always say that there is only one proper way to experience La Digue, and that is by hiring bikes and cycling your way around. Bikes are available for hire from pretty much every street corner, and as there are very few cars on the island it is a safe and highly enjoyable way to spend your time. You can hire a bike for the entire day with no restrictions on where you can go – the world (or island) is your oyster! The road around the island is hands down the most beautiful cycle route I have ever done – this is because it follows the coast, just one stunning view after the other. Along the road are many boutique craft and jewellery stalls, as well as fruit stalls where they make smoothies and juices to order (or open up a drinking coconut for you), just what you need to rehydrate during your cycle in the sun.

2. Visit Anse Source d'Argent

Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is easily accessible by bike and the route there is sensational, cycling through a nature reserve, as well as through the coconut and vanilla plantations whose deliciously sweet smell moves gently with the breeze. The beach lives up to its reputation entirely. Huge carved granite rocks border Anse Source d’Argent, and the calm coral-filled water goes on for what appears to be an eternity. The sculpted silhouettes of neighbouring islands provide a dramatic backdrop to this remarkable and breathtaking beach. It’s open to all, and although it’s popular there is room for everyone to enjoy this spot. The water is some of the clearest I came across in the Seychelles – and due to its naturally shallow nature, when snorkelling you feel more amongst the fish and coral than anywhere else. Order a fruit platter from one of the wooden beach shacks and enjoy a deliciously refreshing treat whilst taking in the truly mesmerising surroundings. 

3. Go hiking for the best views

As an active person, I made full use of the Seychelles’ hiking trails and viewpoints across numerous islands because, simply put, the views were really rewarding. It was this love of hiking that provided me with the greatest moment of my time in the Seychelles. I woke up at 4am to hike to the highest peak of Belle Vue (Eagle’s Nest Mountain) on La Digue, a strenuous walk in the humid darkness that left me the sweatiest I have ever been in my life. We made it to the top, 300 metres up, just as the sky began to lighten on the horizon. I sat in silence and watched as the tropical sun rose and reached all of the surrounding islands individually. I am a sucker for a good view at the best of times, but this sight was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. What a moment to have an epiphany that some of the best things in life really are free.

4. Stop by the local bars and restaurants

There is also the option to do the Belle Vue hike in the daylight and make the most of the casual, quirky, boutique bar Snack Bellevue, built halfway up the trek. The bar features on TripAdvisor’s ‘Top 10 Best Seychelles Restaurants’, and if you can move past the plastic tables and laidback attitude and embrace the uniqueness of this eatery’s position then you might fall in love with it just as I did. It is positioned at the top of the road portion of the hike and possesses some of the most incredible and breathtaking views of any restaurant I’ve ever been to. It is a popular choice for sunset dinners, and its quirky casual nature and reclusive position create an intimate dining experience whilst you watch the sun set over the nearby islands and surrounding ocean.

If you would like more information on exploring these beautiful areas in the Seychelles feel free to call us on +1 855 225 1155 or send us an email at [email protected].

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