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Angela intro
By Angela 16 September 2019

Romancing in Kenya

YZ expert Angela headed out to Kenya and got to experience what the country is like for the true romantic! She and her husband went horse riding, enjoyed a glorious yoga session at sunrise, and completely fell in love with Kenya during their trip.

Kenyan love stories have been fascinating us all for generations. Even today, the great romance between Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in 1985’s Oscar-winning Out of Africa continues to inspire travelers to kindle their own passion in the heart of the continent! With notions of flying across the rolling hills in a yellow biplane or finding secluded and romantic spots above the endless plains of the Maasai Mara, romantic travelers find in Kenya the dream destination for recreating these iconic moments along with making new and unique memories together to treasure.

Recently I was able to travel through Kenya with my husband. Usually my safari is an action-packed adventure, but on this occasion it got dialed back a little. For the first time, being newly married, my safari focus was as much about enjoying time with my husband away from the hustle-and-bustle and sharing quiet moments as it was on finding great game.

Additionally, blessed with the flexibility of being able to enjoy the wilderness across Kenya’s multiple private conservancies, I was struck by the creativity and open-mindedness of our camp hosts and guides in their efforts to find special ways for us to experience the bush! Of course game drives are brilliant and wildlife spectacular, but outside this we had a great time trying new activities together.

#1. Horseriding safari

horses plain sosian kenya romantic safari blog yellow zebra safaris
Horseback Safari, Sosian Lodge, Laikipia, Kenya

This activity was just one of our highlights. My 6ft-plus husband hadn’t ridden a horse before, having seldom found any large enough to carry him, but at Sosian the stables are epic and they honestly have a horse for everyone, of all capabilities (and sizes) – so together we were able to have a lesson in the paddock before heading out for a ride in the bush. Along the way, we found the game so relaxed that we could get quite close to giraffe, zebra, and antelope without unsettling them into running off – brilliant!

#2. Sunrise yoga

sunrise yoga sosian romantic safari kenya blog yellow zebra safaris

While every sunrise is worth an early wake-up call, one morning we were able to get a super-early start for a drive into the bush. (My personal sighting highlight of the trip was during this little drive, as we saw an African hedgehog – so cute!)

We scaled up a rockface in the pre-dawn light, reaching the top to enjoy sunrise coffee and yoga while watching the giraffes and elephants wake up and start their morning greetings and grazing. Somehow, watching a sunrise with your person is always a special moment, but memories of this particular sunrise are ones we’ll always treasure.

#3. Private and secluded dining

ol malo kenya romantic safari yellow zebra safaris
chopper ol malo kenya private dining romantic safari yellow zebra safaris
ol malo kenya private dining romantic safari yellow zebra safaris

Each camp takes pride in the unique experiences its staff can create, and this really shines through in the private dining experience. The sheer variety of special meals arranged for us was amazing! For example, we tucked into picnics in the wilderness, sometimes laid out on the hood of the safari vehicle because we’d just found an epic spot with views of a hippo pool. We also enjoyed private breakfasts on the deck of our suite or on a rooftop set with Moroccan-styled pillows and low tables. The latter came courtesy of Ol Malo – it was so romantic and thoughtful, slightly embarrassing pre-dinner tears were shed! We also dined in front of our own roaring fire in the wilderness. Every meal was always a surprise – even if you have an inkling that there may be something secretive happening, the reveal is always so special. And honestly, it’s so moving that your hosts care so much about making these moments for you to share with your loved one!

#4. Out Of Africa experience

And of course the Out of Africa dream can easily be achieved, including the yellow biplane! Yes, there’s one based out of the charming Lewa Wilderness camp, and the exact spot where Meryl and Robert’s characters sat in the film is found on the Oloololo escarpment in the Maasai Mara, accessible from the super-lux Angama Mara.

angama mara aerial out of africa romantic safari kenya yellow zebra safaris
angama mara view out of africa romantic safari kenya yellow zebra safaris

This journey to Kenya was full of new adventures, perfect still moments, total spoiling, and, as always on safari… excitement and adventure! Kenyan hospitality is such that camp hosts have an almost eerie ability to sense what we needed, be it a social evening, a quiet private dinner or picnic lunch, a fun and activity-filled start, or a lazy lie-in and spa treatment. The flexibility in the camps and the range of what guests can do means that each day brings the perfect day for every couple!

In summary, Kenya is the perfect destination for the classic romantics who love adventures and, more so, adventures shared!

If you’re interested in a romantic safari to Kenya, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the YZ team. Alternatively, check out the suggested trips and top tips below for more inspiration:

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