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2018 Winners of the YZ Photography Competition

By Shona 05 March 2018

We would like to thank everyone who entered the 2018 YZ Photography Competition! This was our first competition of its kind. Co-founders Rory and Julian had hundreds of brilliant photographs to sift through in order to determine the winners – and we are very proud to showcase them below.

Here you can find Rory and Julian’s top five submissions for each category, and their reasons why the 1st runner-up and winner stood out:

Southern and Eastern African Culture

5th place: Ian P., ‘Tourism is Welcome’

4th place: Caroline F., ‘Surfing in Muizenberg’

3rd place: Rebecca N., ‘All Smiles’

1st runner-up: Katrin H., ‘Himba Family’

Julian says: ‘I’ve often felt somewhat intrusive at times like this, but the fact these women are just carrying on their daily lives in the presence of the photographer is the reason I love this shot. It’s a picture that displays a lot of Himba life in one moment, a rare glimpse into a complex but seemingly simple existence.’

Winner: Clara D., ‘Joy Abounds’

Rory says: ‘The unique angle, the colours and the expressions on their faces… a great shot. We do a lot of cultural sections to our safaris, and with the charity work we do in Malawi and South Africa this picture struck a chord with me. If only my kids could look this happy when they see me!’

Wildlife in Africa

5th place: Pradyuman S., ‘Cheetah Silhouette’

4th place: Ian P., ‘No Means No’

3rd place: Clara D., ‘The Protector’

1st runner-up: Rodney E., ‘A Splash of Wildebeest’

Julian says: ‘I've seen so many shots of the Great Migration that it takes a cracker to grab my attention. This shot captures the desperation of the crossings perfectly whilst the young calf at the back right only adds to the reality of how dangerous an obstacle the Mara River really is.’

Winner: Rebecca N., ‘Afternoon Yoga’

Rory says: ‘Brilliant shot… I’ve been trying to do that move for years! The colour, the expression and the flexibility… an outright winner!’

Africa’s Landscape

5th place: Ryan L., ‘Awakening’

4th place: Claudia B., ‘Mount Kenya’

3rd place: Manfred S., ‘The Serengeti’

1st runner-up: Clara D., ‘The Dawn of a New Day’

Rory says: ‘Samburu is one of Kenya’s most stunning areas, and this dramatic sunrise shot captures the first few moments of daybreak perfectly. The weaver nests, silhouetted against the changing sky, will be a buzz of life in a few moments as the birds wake and Samburu comes to life.’

Winner of the Landscape category, as well as overall favourite of the YZ Photography Competition: Fabian M., ‘Artery of Life’

Julian says: ‘Not only is this a great shot of a truly amazing region, but the title “Artery of Life” sums up northern Namibia perfectly. The Kunene River cuts through the region; it’s one of the harshest environments we work in. Hippo, crocodile, and great birdlife are found here, whilst the river also provides the only source of water for the nomadic Himba tribe.’