Kwetsani Camp

  • A tree camp in the western Okavango Delta
  • Very popular for its intriguing design
  • Great mix of activities during full flood
  • Consider combining with a water-based camp to make the most of your trip
When To Visit Okavango Delta:

Kwetsani is located in the beautiful Jao Concession in the west of the Okavango Delta.

Raised into the surrounding canopy of trees, Kwetsani is one of Botswana’s only tree camps. This is a charming, intimate camp, the spirit of the Okavango, at its best from May through to November.

Kwetsani is set in the centre of the Jao Concession on an elongated island covered with palm, mangosteen and fig trees.

Without doubt, Kwetsani boasts one of the Okavango’s most interesting camp designs – the tree rooms are a hit with all travellers. It’s one of the prettiest camps in the entire country, epitomising everything about the Okavango.

There are five "tree-house" chalets, each beautifully furnished and offering en suite facilities. 

Unquestionably, the Jao Concession is one of the Okavango’s most beautiful areas, hosting an impressive diversity of game. Full flood hits the Concession in May and remains until approximately October. Throughout this period, the camp offers a mix of water and land activities. For the remainder of the year, Kwetsani is primarily a dry camp. If you’re set to travel here out of season, consider combining Kwetsani with another Okavango camp with more water, such as Little Vumbura, Kwara or Little Kwara.

"Another of Wilderness Safaris superb Okavango camps. Located in the Jao Reserve, this is an area that will always offer a top quality Delta experience."

Okavango Delta

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