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Senior Safari Specialist

Sam’s knowledge of Africa cannot be taught – it’s the kind that can only be gained through years of hard work and experience on the ground.

A snapshot

Originally from Devon, Sam moved to South Africa to study Zoology & Ichthyology with the firm aspiration of becoming a professional guide. After passing with flying colours, he became a head guide in northern Tanzania, specialising in walking safaris, before moving to Botswana to manage several luxury lodges in the Okavango Delta.

Recent travel experience

Sam has recently moved back to the UK from Botswana. His last trip was one he guided into the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, in Botswana’s central region.

Expert destinations


African countries visited

Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia.

Sam's biography

At the age of 5, Sam (with a little help from his parents) painted his bedroom orange with a Serengeti sunset scene, which pretty much sums up how much he wanted to go to Africa at that time. Growing up in the rural countryside of England certainly encouraged Sam's love and knowledge of wildlife. In time, he became curious about the natural history and fauna of other countries and continents, Safari Africa in particular. In 2010, Sam jumped at the chance to move to South Africa and study Zoology & Ichthyology. It was here that he concentrated on courses specifically about safari guiding, and after graduation he started gaining experience as a guide in a small reserve along South Africa's East Coast.

Moving from that small reserve to Tanzania’s enormous Serengeti in 2014, Sam found his career developed accordingly, as he was promoted from trainee enthusiast all the way to head guide. It was in Tanzania that Sam spent most of his time in Africa. While taking clients out on thrilling game drives, he also focused on becoming a walking guide, which included relying on the skills he had gained as a youngster in the English countryside.

Specialist walking guides were a rarity in the area, and Sam ended up taking large numbers of guests on various safe safari experiences in the Serengeti ecosystem. Moving again, this time from Tanzania to Botswana in 2017, Sam shifted from being a top guide to becoming a camp manager in the famed Okavango Delta, where he gained first-hand and on-the-ground knowledge of the luxury safari industry. Having moved back to his native England in 2018, Sam is now able to utilise his in-depth knowledge of wildlife and Tanzania to help tailor safaris to fulfil their potential for YZ clients.

Most memorable experience

“While guiding some clients in a private area of the southern Serengeti ecosystem, we were treated to nine different cheetahs in the same sighting! We were watching four young brothers, who had spotted a small herd of Grant’s gazelle. All of a sudden, the herd of gazelle exploded and scattered in all directions. The reason became clear as, out of the dust, we saw a female cheetah – she had obviously stalked the herd from the opposite side, unseen by us until it dispersed. Once she had made her kill, her four cubs proceeded to appear out of the grass and the five of them started feeding. The four young brothers watched on from a short distance away, unsure as to what they were capable of as they could have easily scared her off her kill if they had tried!

“Another memorable experience was being lucky enough to spend some time on foot with Safari Africa’s most sought-after animal, the pangolin! I was with a group of friends at the time in Central Botswana, having a very quiet morning game drive when this bizarrely beautiful creature was spotted moving around. The pangolin is notorious for being a shy, rare, nocturnal animal, so we could hardly believe what we were experiencing. It soon unfurled and gave us all some fantastic photographic opportunities.”

Client reviews

"This was honestly the best trip we have ever been on. When we researched a place for our Honeymoon, our biggest thing was to find a package where everything was planned out for us and we didn't have to think about anything just show up and have an amazing time and that is exactly what Yellow Zebra did for us! We connected with Sam Wallace who held our hands through the entire process, answered all our questions (and my god we had tons), and he was ALWAYS available. He even called me a day before my trip to make sure all my questions were answered... We already are talking about when can we go through Yellow Zebra again for our next trip! Thank you to everyone at Yellow Zebra for making our trip so Special and Memorable! Worth every Penny!"
Sarah Tanzania, June 2019
“Yellow Zebra services were perfection. Everything, bookings connections, services happened the way they were supposed to. Sam was brilliant – we put the whole trip together in under 3 weeks. Polite, professional, efficient, prompt, personal. Could not have been exceeded. The most trouble-free trip we have ever had.”
Anthony Tanzania, November 2018
"Sam was great at understanding what we were looking for as our first safari, very knowledgable and enthusiastic. The prep from the ops team and then logistics were excellent. The safari in Tanzania was mind-blowing - the nature and wildlife, the camps and of course all the lovely people and super guides. We went to 3 different camps and amazing how different yet all equally beautiful they were. Thank you for making our first safari so memorable and I suspect we now will come back for more !"

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