Hazel Olcay

Operations Executive

Hazel is an Operations Executive at Yellow Zebra Safaris.

A Snapshot

Hazel’s love for travelling, curiosity in learning, and enjoyment of experiencing diverse cultures led her to study International Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Surrey, graduating in the summer of 2017. Being born in Germany and having Kurdish–Turkish roots are two of the main reasons why Hazel has developed a strong interest in cultural differences, and her studies have awakened a passion for travel and tourism.

Hazel's Biography

Since her childhood, Hazel has been travelling back and forth visiting family in England and Turkey. She enjoyed exchanges to France and Italy during her school years in Germany, and she has known from a young age that travelling would become an important part of her life. On moving to London before university, she explored countries mostly around Europe, her favourites including Portugal, Greece, and Croatia, where she fell in love with the Mediterranean lifestyle and food.

After spending one year in Spain for her work placement, Hazel spent some of her final year at university engaged in a project for a module titled ‘Entrepreneurship in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry’. This involved analysing the formation of Yellow Zebra with company co-founders Julian and Rory, which sparked her interest in Africa as a holiday destination. Now she is part of the YZ Operations Team, making sure client’s booking procedures go smoothly and preparing them for an amazing experience.

Most Memorable Experience

It would have to be in Morocco… riding camels for hours in the Sahara Desert and camping under the stars, waking up and climbing sand dunes to watch the breathtaking sunrises, dancing with nomads around a bonfire after watching the sunset, and trekking through the Atlas Mountains and enjoying the beautiful landscapes.