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Tanzania in November


The short rains begin in earnest in November, but wildlife viewing in Tanzania’s western parks is barely affected – and the Great Migration herds that had moved into Kenya return to the Serengeti this month.

What's the weather going to be like in Tanzania in November?

  • It tends to rain overnight, but sometimes it rains during the day as well
  • November is the start of the short rainy season
  • Temperatures rise throughout the month
  • YZ recommends packing a waterproof for rainy afternoons
  • Tarangire National Park gets especially hot and humid this month.

What are the highlights of visiting Tanzania in November?

  • Availability of properties is good
  • Camps and lodges offer significantly lower rates during the rainy season
  • There are far fewer tourists about in November, which means parks are quieter
  • The arrival of the rain reduces the dust in the air
  • The Great Migration herds that moved up into Kenya have usually returned to the north of the Serengeti by this month
  • November is still a good time for safari in western parks, especially in Mahale Mountains where chimpanzee treks are barely affected by the short rains
  • Many herbivores give birth this month, attracting plenty of predators
  • Billfish marlin fishing season begins around mid-November
  • If you’re a keen snorkeller or diver, November is one of the best months for encountering whale shark on Mafia Island
  • Stormy clouds rolling in make for a dramatic backdrop on safari, and some exciting photo opportunities

Any lowlights?

  • Temperatures and humidity levels can be high
  • The rain is unpredictable
  • Zanzibar can receive a lot of rain in November, and it can also be windy on the island
  • As the rain returns, so do the mosquitoes
  • November is not a good time to climb Kilimanjaro, as the variable weather can make it unpleasant and sometimes dangerous

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