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Serengeti Walking Camp

When To Visit The Serengeti:
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This adventurous little camp follows the Great Migration, moving between three locations within the Serengeti to ensure the best sightings of the huge herds! Children aged six years and older are welcome.


Serengeti Walking Camp is owned and operated by Wayo Africa, a company specialising in authentic safaris within some of Tanzania’s remotest parts. The camp moves between three locations every year. From mid-December to March, it’s in the Simiu region or the Olabyee Rhino Zone. During April, May, and June, it sets up in the Central Serengeti’s Kilimafetha area. And July to mid-December sees it in the north of the park, in the Nyamalumbwa Rhino Zone. The accommodation is booked on a full-board basis, including all meals, and a selection of alcoholic and soft drinks. A minimum stay of three nights is recommended.


The camp is accessed via road transfer from the local airstrip. Each location has been specially selected for its pristine wilderness – you’re well and truly off the beaten track!


Guest accommodation consists of just six dome tents, split between two areas to provide extra privacy. Each tent measures 3 by 3 metres, and inside you’ll find a double bed or twin beds, all with a 4-inch mattress and made with cotton sheets and cotton-covered duvets. The washing facilities are set up in a separate tent, and they include shallow pit latrines and classic bucket showers! A star tent is available for the particularly intrepid traveller – it’s constructed entirely from gauze, although a splash sheet is provided in case of rain.

Serengeti Walking Camp’s lounge and dining areas occupy a pleasant mess tent. Most of the food preparation takes place in Wayo’s kitchens in Arusha, with a small staff joining the camp to serve meals and generally help out. Guests usually eat and drink around the campfire, with stars shimmering in the skies above you!


It’s all about the walking here. Typically guests walk approximately 10 kilometres per day, on terrain that can be uneven and/or rocky.

  • You’ll start out at about 6:30am, following a light breakfast. Accompanied by a highly knowledgeable and experienced guide, you’ll move stealthily through a southern, central, or northern region of the Serengeti, tracking the huge herds of the Great Migration and enjoying sightings of many other species of wildlife.
  • Visitors to the southern camp (Simiu or Olabyee Rhino Zone) can observe the hundreds of thousands of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelles grazing on the short-grass plains, with calving taking place during two or three weeks of February.
  • The herds enter the Central Serengeti (Kilimafetha) for the rutting season, a rowdy time to be in the park!
  • Finally, they push up into the north (Nyamalumbwa Rhino Zone) in their search for food.
  • Depending on your location, other wildlife species you can expect to see include plenty of big cats, humungous herbivores such as rhino, elephant, and buffalo, in addition to lots of smaller mammals. Birds are also prolific.
  • The camp moves to a new site every two days, and guests need only carry a lightweight backpack while walking.

*This property is unfenced and located in a wildlife area, so large and potentially dangerous animals do pass through. If you opt to stay here, always be alert when walking around the camp and request for a member of staff to escort you if you have any concerns. Any guest is escorted after dark as a matter of course.

For more information about staying at Serengeti Walking Camp, including when to visit, please contact a member of the YZ team.

The Serengeti

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