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South Africa in February


The bush is at its thickest and greenest this month, as February brings heavy downpours – and wildlife highlights abound, including calving season for numerous antelope species.

What's the weather going to be like in South Africa in February?

  • February is an unpredictable month, weather-wise
  • It’s wet season, featuring heavy rainfall
  • Temperatures are especially high in the Cape, but towns along the coast benefit from cool sea breezes and dry weather
  • Light layers and a waterproof are recommended.

What are the highlights of visiting South Africa in February?

  • Safari is superb – wildlife viewing in South Africa is excellent all year round
  • It’s calving season for many antelope species, such as eland, impala, and gemsbok
  • The presence of numerous antelope calves attracts a lot of predators
  • Keen birders can look out for all sorts of specials, including crowned crane, saddle-breasted stork, and the lovely lilac-breasted roller – the Kruger is a dream destination for bird fans throughout February
  • Landscapes are beautifully lush and green
  • Stormy skies over green landscapes makes for great colour contrasts – it’s well worth remembering your camera.

Any lowlights?

  • February can be a very busy month, and we recommend booking accommodation well in advance
  • Parks and reserves contain plenty of water, so wildlife tends to disperse throughout safari regions rather than congregating around a few permanent rivers and waterholes
  • The bush is at its densest this month, so spotting wildlife can be very tricky
  • There are many mosquitoes
  • Where downpours are very heavy, game drive routes can become impassable.

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