Seychelles Island Hopping in the Seychelles

  • Ideal experience for adventurous travellers.
  • Twin and triple trips available.
  • Granite and coral islands provide spectacular contrasts.
  • All hops use light aircraft and start at Mahé.
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The Seychelles archipelago is often compared with a string of pearls, to capture the splendour of this island chain. However, this description does not convey the varying features of the islands, not least their compositions!

In all, the Seychelles comprises 116 islands, in six separate groups. These feature coral islands, coral cays, and of course the famous Granitic Seychelles, which includes among its members Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. The majority of the islands are uninhabitable – but even with these subtracted from the total count, you are still spoilt for choice if you are hoping to see more than the main three during your holiday! It can be difficult to decide which islands to visit, but a quick call to YZ will help you on your way. Here we focus on one of our favourite island itineraries, as an example of what we can do for you.

Please note, all flights operate from Mahé. Small aircraft are used, typically with 20 seats, and baggage is limited to 10–15kg per person. Flight times can vary depending on the weather!

Our Praslin + Bird + Cerf triple trip is one of our 'top hops' due to the contrasting yet complementary features of these three islands. The adventure begins at granitic Praslin, the second largest island of the Seychelles. Praslin is a very popular destination due to its vast tracts of palm forest yielding to sugar-soft sands and crystal-clear seas. The beaches are perfect both for relaxation and for a range of watersports – scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, and many more! Praslin has a nature park too, as well as a museum, galleries and gardens. It really is an all-rounder, with plenty to keep everyone occupied.

The next stop on the tour is Bird Island. Bird is an excellent complement to Praslin, taking up the theme of nature and running with it for miles! This is a coral island, the northernmost of the Seychelles, with a charmingly remote feel and a population of about 700,000 sooty terns in addition to fairy terns, tropicbirds, common noddies… in short, more species than anywhere else in the archipelago! Turtle numbers are also impressive here – and visitors from mid-December to mid-March are treated to the sight of the tiny hatchlings emerging from their eggs and racing down the beaches into the sea!

Finally, it’s back to the granitics – to Cerf Island, just 4km north of Mahé and famous for its marine life. It is situated within a National Marine Park and its waters teem with reef fish, starfish, crabs, octopi, sea urchins, sea turtles… the list is endless! Unsurprisingly, activities here focus on observing this extravaganza, chiefly through diving and snorkelling, though Cerf has other attractions too – for example, a chapel and a small art gallery.

If this itinerary has whetted your appetite for a Seychelles island hop, just get in touch with us to find out more! Other triples include the classic Mahé + Praslin + La Digue, while twin trips include the absolutely idyllic Denis + Silhouette, combining coral atoll and majestic mountains.

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