Kunene River Lodge

  • Located in the far north of Kaokoland
  • Visits here are booked as part of the Schoeman's company, Skeleton Coast flying safari.
  • The camp is very simple; three tented rooms with proper beds but communal toilets
  • Game drives, walking and some of the best guides in the country
  • Ideal for the adventurous; a contender for best camp experience anywhere
When To Visit Kunene River:

Kunene River Lodge is located in the far north of Namibia on the Angolan border. It is very remote, – a no-man's-land where nomadic tribes live off one of the most arid landscapes in the world


The camp aims at the adventurous, high-end market. We believe this is one of the finest experiences available in Africa today. It, along with Leylands Drift and Kuidas Camp, are booked as part of a Skeleton Coast flying safari. They are some of the most adventurous camps in the country, and some of our favourites in Africa. In fact, they are contenders for best camp experience anywhere.


Located upstream from the nearby super-luxury camp, Serra Cafema.


Kunene River Lodge aims at the adventurous high-end market. Do not expect luxury here, that’s completely missing the point. The camp is very simple – it is the experience that you are travelling here for. The three tented rooms look out over a cliff that drops down to the Kunene River below. It is the finest location in the area. The rooms have proper beds yet share communal toilets – there are two in camp.


Activities from camp explore the region by any means possible. Game drives are complemented by riverboat safaris, as well as some fantastic walking trips. This is also one of the finest places in Namibia to interact with the local Himba tribes.

Kunene River