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Mozambique in November


The rains are on their way, restoring dry landscapes to gorgeous greens and enticing impressive flocks of birds to destinations across the country.

What's the weather going to be like in Mozambique in November?

  • Days are very hot, cooling only a little come nightfall
  • It’s the end of the dry season – the rains are on their way
  • Daytime temperatures can exceed 30 degrees
  • Light layers are highly recommended
  • There’s a slight possibility of thunderstorms.

What are the highlights of visiting Mozambique in November?

  • Properties are common rated in Mozambique
  • Once the rains have resumed, landscapes recover and start to look gorgeously green
  • The humpback whale migration season is officially over, but you might spot some late departures from the coasts
  • November is brilliant for birding, as well as observing insects if you wish
  • In many coastal regions, turtles begin their journey ashore to nest
  • Generally calm and clear waters provide near-perfect conditions for diving
  • Maputo’s Mafalala Festival takes place this month, highlighting the city’s history of art and culture
  • Wildlife amidst lush landscapes is a superb subject for photography.

Any lowlights?

  • November’s heat can feel excessive for some travellers
  • The humidity can get a bit oppressive
  • Although rains are forecast for December, they can arrive early and disrupt your holiday plans
  • As the rains set in, the mosquitoes return.

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