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Gorongosa Safari Holidays

When To Visit Gorongosa:
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This absolutely stunning park offers true wilderness and places a heavy emphasis on restoring the park to its former beauty. This is definitely a safari park of the future...

Gorongosa is the jewel in Mozambique’s safari crown. The national park was once one of Africa’s finest safari parks. It has been through some tough times due to Mozambique’s civil war and years of poaching, but it remains a staggeringly beautiful wilderness area loved by safari connoisseurs and considered one of the best destinations for walking holidays. Couple this with a surge of recent investment in the park, and the future looks bright for Gorongosa.

Today, the park is still recovering, so it is not at all suitable for travellers in search of a Big Five safari experience. However, for experienced safari hands, or simply for adventurers looking to avoid the crowds, Gorongosa is as good as it gets.

** Unfortunately, Gorongosa does not currently have the quality of accommodation that is in line with a Yellow Zebra safari and therefore we are not selling this area at present. If you would like to speak to one of our consultants for more up to date information, please don't hesitate to contact us. **

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