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Swimming with Dolphins in Mauritius

  • One of the most popular activities on Mauritius!
  • Enjoy a speedboat ride across the waves from Tamarin
  • Swim with two types of dolphin, both very playful and intelligent
  • All you need is your bathing suit!
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When To Visit Mauritius:
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Swimming with dolphins has become famous as one of the ultimate bucket-list activities in Mauritius. And the experience really does live up to the hype!

With its elegantly curved back, prominent dorsal fin, and endearingly comical flippers and tail, the dolphin is among the world’s most beautiful animals. And not only are these mammals lovely to look at, they have a charmingly cheerful spirit so they are wonderful company too!

The west coast of Mauritius is home to two types of dolphin – the bottlenose and the spinner. The bottlenose is one of the commonest dolphins and tends to live in pods of approximately 15 individuals, all medium grey in colour and fond of small fish. The spinner is a darker grey, with contrasting cream patches on its belly. It has a longer beak and fins than the bottlenose, so telling the two apart is not a tricky task. Both catch their food in the deep seas, returning to the coast to rest and sleep. And both are highly intelligent!

The experience begins early in the morning, at Tamarin. A speedboat carries you across the waves while the boat’s skipper supplies ample information about the encounter to come. Usually it is possible to locate the dolphins as they start to swim to the waters around Le Morne Peninsula, where the fishing is particularly good. Snorkelling equipment is provided free of charge, so all you need is your bathing costume – just jump in!

Being in the presence of dolphins is truly magical, watching them glide with you through the water and communicating via their characterful whistles and clicks. These are moments to treasure, especially when you are swimming just millimetres from a dolphin’s smiling face!

In total, the trip lasts for two-and-a-half hours. Just contact us for all the details on this Mauritius activity.

Swimming with Dolphins

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