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Malawi in February


This month sees most of Malawi’s lake lodges closed due to rainfall, but the country’s valleys are awash with colourful flowers.

What's the weather going to be like in Malawi in February?

  • It’s very hot during the day and pretty close at night
  • Malawi is in the middle of its green season this month, so there’s plenty of rain
  • Temperatures are at their highest
  • Reliable rainwear is essential, over cool layers
  • Thunderstorms are less frequent than throughout January, but the rain is just as relentless.

What are the highlights of visiting Malawi in February?

  • Properties that stay open despite the rains are very unlikely to book up
  • Birding is superb
  • Across the country’s valleys, a vast range of colourful orchids comes into bloom
  • Any travellers combining Lake Malawi with a few days on safari in Zambia will experience fabulous birding in Zambia too, in addition to low rates, exceptionally green scenery, and heart-warming sights of mother herbivores with their newborns
  • In common with January, February is a quiet time – perfect if you prefer to avoid other travellers while on holiday.

Any lowlights?

  • Many of the properties around Lake Malawi are closed, or unable to provide activities due to heavy rains
  • It’s very humid, which can prove stifling for some travellers
  • The constant rainfall doesn’t appeal to everyone
  • As it’s green season, there are a lot of mosquitoes about
  • Clients hoping to visit Zambia and Malawi might find that it’s a tricky time to be on safari in the former country – availability of camps and lodges is low, thick vegetation conceals the wildlife, and some areas become inaccessible due to flooding.

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