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Lamu Archipelago Holidays

  • Secluded tropical archipelago
  • Perfect for adventurous travellers and holidaymakers wanting something a bit different
  • A large variety of activites available
  • Beautiful area for a beach break

Located in Eastern Kenya, on the coastline of the Indian Ocean, Lamu is a secluded tropical archipelago.

It is perfect for adventurous travellers and holidaymakers who fancy something a little bit different from the type of safari holiday offered by other Kenyan destinations. Lamu is a beautiful area in which to escape reality with a beach break! The main island contains large white sand dunes, with the amazingly serene waters around it offering loads of opportunities to snorkel and experience the coral reef at nearby Kiwayu Island.

Lamu is so remote that it is not an easy place to visit, but when you arrive here it is well worth it! The island is approached by dhow, with a crew of locals assisting you on your journey. Dhows are magnificent to travel on – and the tranquil waters are a wonderful location for admiring the sunset during your time on Lamu, as part of a dhow safari. A floating bar off the coast of Lamu is another treat for visitors to this island – and if you are looking for a combination of beach and bush, Manda Beach ticks both boxes and is a fantastic area to explore!


The contrast between the sparkling clear blue water and the high white sand dunes is spectacular – and the activities available on land and through the sand are as laidback or as exciting as you wish. Leisurely hikes through the sand dunes are ideal for guests who favour a relaxed pace, while those who prefer to be speedy will relish taking a motorbike ride all around the island!

A visit to Lamu Town is another excellent excursion. Approaching from the water, immediately you can sense the historic importance of the place, with the mass of dhow masts in the foreground and a combination of Arab, Chinese and Portuguese influences making an impression on the architectural landscapes. There is also the vibrancy of traditional Kenyan culture – and the smell of meat grilling on an open fire! The town’s pretty boutiques mix interestingly with its mosques, while the maze of alleyways provides a place you can enjoy getting lost in for hours at a time. Lamu is the most complete of the remaining Swahili towns and as such has been granted UNESCO World Heritage status.


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