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10 May 2019

Winners of the YZ Photography Competition

Here are the winners of the 2019 YZ Photography Competition, as well as a selection of the top 5 best images and the reasons behind why they were selected.

We would like to thank everyone who entered the 2019 YZ Photography Competition! This was our second year of hosting the competition and it was as great a turnout as last year.

Co-founders Rory and Julian had hundreds of brilliant photographs to sift through in order to determine the winners – and we are very proud to showcase a few of them below.

Here you can find Rory and Julian’s top five submissions for each category, and their reasons why the 1st runner-up and winner stood out:

Category: Southern and Eastern African Culture

5th place

Photographer: Karin P.

Title: 'Visit to Local Village in Early Evening at Sasaab Camp'

Backstory: Take of a female tribes woman milking a goat, which has just returned to camp from grazing. The goat's kid is trying to feed too. The kid was kept away from mother so that there would be milk for the Samburu tribe and some for the kid.

yellow zebra photography competition 2019 culture 5 karin p
yellow zebra photography competition 2019 culture 4 hanny g

4th place

Photographer: Hanny G.

Title: 'Herero Ladies'

Backstory: It was taken in Namibia, where Herero ladies create these lovely, miniatures. Please note that they have different faces and expressions, besides the lovely colorful dresses.

3rd place

Photographer: Peter V.

Title: 'Africa's Culture'

yellow zebra photography competition 2019 culture2 sophie  w

2nd place

Photographer: Sophie W.

Title: ‘Becoming Well and Truly Lodged in the Nuanetsi River’

Backstory: After becoming well and truly lodged in the Nuanetsi river (close to the Limpopo, just along the South Africa-Mozambique border), the hilarity and disbelief of a group of local villagers who we'd disturbed getting on with their washing, was matched only by their helpfulness and generosity in helping to dislodge us. Two hours later, and one winch down, this is our moment of triumph!

Comment from the judges

"This picture sums up Africa to me. Life is going on all around, but when someone needs help Africans will drop everything to help. The children get involved, the women also; there would have been a lot of laughter."
yellow zebra photography competition 2019 culture 1 dorothy f

1st place

Photographer: Dorothy F.

Title: 'Tired'

Location: Taken in Cape Town, South Africa.


Comment from the judges

"The seals of the Western Cape are often overlooked on our safaris. However, spend time in the water with them, and you’ll see this super-sized creature swim like the fittest animal out there. It’s another photo that takes me straight into the mind of the animal… 'Where can I find a comfy place to be left alone?'"

Category: Africa’s Landscape

5th place

Photographer: Sophie W.

Title: ‘Chilojo Cliffs’

Location: Taken of Chilojo cliffs, in Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe.

yellow zebra photography competition 2019 landscape 5 sophie w
yellow zebra photography competition 2019 landscape 4 claudia b

4th place

Photographer: Claudia B.

Title: ‘Swallowed’

Location: Taken at Sandwich Harbour, Namib Desert, Namibia.

3rd place

Photographer: David F.

Title: ‘Virunga Mountains at Dawn’

Location: Taken whilst staying at Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda.

yellow zebra photography competition 2019 landscape 3 davi f
yellow zebra photography competition 2019 landscape 2 justin t

2nd place

Photographer: Justin T.

Title: ‘The Golden Hour’

Backstory: My wife and I were on an evening game drive in the Lamai Wedge Region of the Serengeti. A brief shower had just rolled through and the sun was shining through the clouds, illuminating the freshly grown grasses of the Serengeti. The haze and humidity from the rains caused the skies to turn the most beautiful hues of yellow and orange. It was truly magical.  

Comment from the judges

"A day on safari in the Lamai Wedge will see you on your own in the middle of one of the planet’s most unique habitats. Acacia-studded countryside with big game on tap… This picture captures the moment perfectly – the unpredictability of the weather, and the game."
yellow zebra photography competition 2019 landscape 1 ian p

1st place

Photographer: Ian P.

Title: ‘Balloon Safari across Masai Mara’

Location: Taken whilst staying at Angama Mara. This was during a balloon safari across Masai Mara, with wonderful views of the Mara River.

Comment from the judges

"This picture, with the snaking Mara river itself and the backdrop of the Oloololo Escarpment trapping lush East African savanna, is one of the best balloon shots I’ve seen. The Mara’s balloon operations seem part and parcel of what the area offers to this day. It’s a genuine “bucket list” experience."

Category: Wildlife in Africa

5th place

Photographer: Gary H.

Title: ‘Goliaths of the Bush’

Location: Taken whilst staying at Tortilis Camp in Amboseli, Kenya.

yellow zebra photography competition 2019 wildlife 5 gary h
yellow zebra photography competition 2019 wildlife 4 robin g

4th place

Photographer: Robin G.

Title: ‘Africa’s Wildlife’

Location: Taken whilst staying at Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana.

3rd place

Photographer: David F.

Title: ‘Gone Fishing – African Skimmer Hunting in the Dawn Light’

Location: Taken whilst staying at Goliath Safaris in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe.

yellow zebra photography competition 2019 wildlife 3 david f
yellow zebra photography competition 2019 wildlife 2 justin t

2nd place

Photographer: Justin T.

Title: Sibling Stare Down

Backstory: We were extremely lucky to come upon the mother leopard with a kill in a tree. She had 3 cubs in the tree as well and we watched them for well over an hour... These 2 siblings approached each other on a large branch and just stared at each other for the longest time. After the stare down, they started nuzzling each other and then went to the carcass for a snack. This experience was the highlight of our safari. We can not wait to return some day.

Comment from the judges

"For the majority of our clients, leopards are the cat to look for on safari; there is something about a sighting like this that will put the icing on the cake. Perfect light, the perfect focus, the perfect young pair of cats… a great shot."

1st place & overall competition Winner

Photographer: Hanny G.

Title: ‘Steam Powered River Horse’

Location: Chongwe river, Lower Zambezi, Zambia.

Comment from the judges

"This picture is an image I'd blow up to have on my wall at home. A fantastic shot that takes me right into the world of the hippo. Camping on Africa’s big rivers and hearing these chaps snort throughout the night, one of the continent’s finest sounds, is one of my favourite experiences. This picture captures their lives perfectly – leave a hippo alone, and he will let you be. Get between him and the water, though, and you have a very different beast."

A big thank-you to everyone who entered the competition and a congratulations to the winner: Hanny G! We hold an annual photography competition, so do keep an eye on the YZ Instagram account for the next one.

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