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Client Review Inga Lim

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10 August 2018

Inga Lim travelled with Yellow Zebra to Tanzania for a family safari. Among the favourite properties she and her family visited were Lemala Kili Villas, Nasikia Tarangire Ndovu Camp, and Kaskaz Mara Camp:

“Thank you for helping us plan the most amazing trip we could have imagined! Everything was perfect! The enthusiasm of the camp hosts was infectious, settings were spectacular! Can’t say enough about the guides! They went out of their way to make sure we saw as much as possible, had answers to all the questions, and you could feel how much they loved what they did.”

“John, our Serengeti guide at [Kaskaz], gave us an unforgettable thrill ride that ended in a leopard sighting – these cats had been eluding us for the first couple of days. Thanks to him, we also were one of the first groups this season to see the migration river crossing. One morning at breakfast, our camp hosts told us that lions had made a kill at night. When we drove out of the camp we came across a pack of hyenas that were having breakfast on what seemed to be lions’ leftovers.”

“A group of jackals was hanging around waiting for their turn. Then one brave jackal grabbed a chunk of meat from right under the hyenas’ noses. They gave chase, but in the end they let him go. The whole sequence was super-fun to watch. Several of our friends who saw the photos and listened to our excited account of the trip have asked who we booked with for our trip. We have been enthusiastically recommending Yellow Zebra Safaris.”

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