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Team Rory

One October, my friends Jack, Lucy, Amelie, and Sam went on holiday to South Africa! They travelled with their mum and dad from the rainy UK to sunny Cape Town.

They spent a few days in the city, and then they took an exciting trip along South Africa’s famous Garden Route. Finally, they went to Madikwe Game Reserve for some super safari time! Now Jack, Lucy, Amelie, and Sam are going to show you their favourite photos from the holiday! Brilliant!

This Zeblog post has three parts. Part 1 is about Cape Town, Part 2 is about the Garden Route, and Part 3 is about Madikwe Game Reserve. Enjoy!

Part 1: Cape Town

Lucy: Here we are in Cape Town! It was nice to be somewhere sunny.

Amelie: We had a fun flight from the UK to the city. We had a TV in the back of the seat in front of us, and we could watch a movie and play games!

Sam: We stayed at a hotel in the hills that had lots of space to play and a really nice pool, although it was quite cold sometimes!

Jack: The mountain behind us is called Table Mountain. We went up it by cable car!

Sam: Here we are at the top!

Lucy: It was a bit hazy, but we could see all of Cape Town.

Amelie: We could see the sea too!

Jack: The mountain under my arm is Lion’s Head, and it belongs to the Table Mountain National Park.

Amelie: This is when we went on a township tour. The lady standing next to me and Daddy is called Sugar and she showed us two townships and took us to this school.

Jack: This is a nursery school. It’s made from three shipping containers.

Lucy: It was great to meet everyone!

Sam: We really liked Sugar! We asked her a lot of questions, and she told us all about what it’s like to live in a township.

Part 2: Garden Route!

Jack: Wow, look at all the penguins! This is a place called Betty’s Bay.

Lucy: Betty’s Bay was the first place we visited once we had left Cape Town. It was really windy, but lots of fun!

Sam: We were able to get really close to the penguins and almost touch them!

Amelie: There were so many! And there were babies too!

Lucy: This is another place we visited after Cape Town. It’s called Knysna and it’s on the Garden Route.

Jack: We stayed on an island in the middle of the lagoon. It was really cool! We went canoeing on the lagoon, swam in the pool everyday and visited some fun places too.

Lucy: This was our favourite place we visited, the Elephant Park!

Amelie: We got to feed the elephants, with lots of fruit and vegetables!

Jack: There were nine elephants in the herd, and they were really tame!

Sam: Seeing the elephants made me really excited about going on safari!


Part 3: Madikwe Game Reserve!

Lucy: We travelled from Knysna on a little plane first and then we went on a really small plane that had just twelve seats to fly into the safari reserve.

Sam: It was brilliant and we spent most of the time looking for animals out of the window!

Jack: Here we are in Madikwe, on a game drive. We saw loads of animals – elephant, lions, cheetah, wild dog, rhino, zebra, wildebeest and lots more!

Sam: We even saw some crocodile in the river!

Amelie: We stopped for snacks on every game drive and had a nice snack and a drink and got to look at animal tracks and learn more about animals.

Lucy: One day our driver stopped and picked up a buffalo’s head that was all that was left after three lions had just eaten it during the night!

Amelie: This is at our camp. It was a really nice camp with a swimming pool and a big garden with lots of animals like these warthogs walking around. There were meerkats too!

Sam: We could go and explore, looking for animals, as there were some big fences to make sure no lion or scary animals could get into our camp.

Lucy: One day we saw this really tall giraffe!

Jack: Every evening we finished in the dark and our tracker – the person who helped spot the animals – turned on a big spotlight and we went on a night safari.

Amelie: Here we are looking for tracks. I really enjoyed this!

Jack: We had a footprint guide so we could search for different animals’ tracks and cross them off in our books.

Sam: It was great being on safari!

Lucy: We want to go on safari again, in lots of different parts of South Africa!

Jack: One day I want to visit the Rift Valley in Kenya and see where the oldest humans came from!

Amelie: Me too!

Well, it looks like all the kids had a fantastic time in South Africa. Perhaps they’ll be back on the Zeblog soon, showing us their photos of their next holiday! Thanks, everyone!

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