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Hey kids! Welcome to the Zeblog! It’s written by me, Zeb Zebra. My full name is Zebediah, but everyone calls me Zeb for short! Perhaps some of you have a nickname too.

The name “Zeblog” was suggested by my best friend, Oki Oxpecker. Oki is really good with words! As a matter of fact, she’s helped me to write this first Zeblog post. Thanks, Oki!

If you’ve already taken a look at our homepage here, you’ll know that Oki and I are travellers. We just love exploring! It all started when I was crossing the River Mara in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve. An enormous crocodile with huge teeth came at me and I ran away… all the way to Amboseli National Park!

At first I didn’t know where I was, and I felt so lost and lonely. But then Oki turned up! She explained that we were in Amboseli and we thought we’d do a bit of sightseeing before heading home. However, we enjoyed our sightseeing so much, we ended up going to other parts of Kenya too… and then we went to Tanzania… and then we found ourselves on the best safari ever, visiting a grand total of eight countries before taking a big beach break on the Seychelles and Mauritius! It was so much fun.

In every country we visited, we made a friend who told us about their country and showed us around. If you’ve checked out our home page, you’ll already know their names! For example, in Kenya, it was Oki herself who was our guide! The others are as follows…

In Tanzania, we met a wildebeest, an elderly chap called Wally with a smashing sense of humour.

Our next stop was Mozambique, where we met a very elegant giraffe called Jira. Jira loves the sea!

After that, we went to Zambia and we were shown around by a leopard called Leila. I felt a bit frightened of Leila at first, but she told me she wasn’t going to eat me. Phew!

The fifth country we visited was Zimbabwe, where we had a great time with an elephant called Elimu. He was a bit clumsy sometimes, but he’s a real charmer!

Then, in Botswana, we met a buffalo by the name of Balinda. She is a very brave and beautiful lady. I admired her so much that sometimes I couldn’t speak and I’d just look down at my front hoofs! Oki would laugh a lot about this, but Balinda was very kind about it all. What a woman!

The next trip was to Namibia, where we had a fantastic few weeks with Rudo Rhino. Rudo was so cool. By the end of the holiday, I thought of him as my big brother!


After our time with Rudo, we went to South Africa, where we went exploring with Lencho Lion. I think Lencho might be the loudest and most terrifying safari friend we met on our travels! But we had loads of fun.

We then took a flight all the way across the Indian Ocean to the Seychelles! Here we met a tortoise called Tomas. We thought he was amazing – he’s over a hundred years old and he’s so patient and wise!

And last, but by no means least, we took another flight, this time to Mauritius. We had quite a surprise here, when we met a dodo! This was a ghost dodo called Daudi. She is such a sweet lady!

We hope you enjoy visiting all the pages provided by our safari friends. They’ve even included a puzzle and a colouring sheet! And I’m sure they’ll appear on the Zeblog soon.

Next up, there’s a photo gallery put together by my friends Jack, Lucy, Amelie, and Sam. Enjoy!

All the best,

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