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Botswana in February


Right in the middle of green season, February is characterised by frequent rainfall and high temperatures – wildlife highlights abound, but activities can be affected by heavy rains.

What's the weather going to be like in Botswana in February?

  • This is an unpredictable month, featuring rains, thunderstorms, grey days, but clear days too
  • With January, February is the peak of green season, but rain doesn’t fall every day
  • It’s very hot, with average temperatures at approximately 30 degrees
  • As it’s hot and rainy, we recommend light layers and waterproof clothes
  • A peak time to visit the Central Kalahari Game Reserve due to warm and dry weather and likely event of thunderstorms
  • The bushscape is gorgeously green

What are the highlights of visiting Botswana in February?

  • Generally, the availability of safari properties is high
  • Rates are low
  • The minimum temperature is 19 degrees
  • Sometimes herbivores give birth during February – where births take place, they increase the likelihood of seeing predators
  • Many newborn animals are tottering about, for example impala and zebra, while the Kalahari and Makgadikgadi Pan boast impressive concentrations of wildlife
  • February is brilliant for birdwatching (e.g. African skimmer and wattled crane), as migratory birds appear in vast flocks to enjoy the wet conditions, resulting in a huge diversity of species
  • There are plenty of plants for keen botanists to observe
  • The Okavango Delta’s waterlillies are at their best, as are a lot of smaller species such as frogs and butterflies
  • Both the golden glow of sun following thunderstorms and amazing cloud formations provide great opportunities for photography

Any lowlights?

  • Some properties close down for the wet season, though this may be temporary
  • Rain and thunderstorm possibilities are high
  • Humidity can be high to very high
  • The Delta’s wildlife may be more dispersed because of a higher number of water sources, and it tends to have lower water levels at this time of year
  • Mosquitoes are numerous
  • Game walks and game drives can be more difficult due to the rains – in some places, roads may become impassable – while tall grasses and dense bushes can conceal wildlife

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