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Botswana in August


August features clear skies, cool temperatures, and wildlife highlights such as amazing elephant concentrations and flocks of carmine bee-eaters.

  • Day time maximum temperature = 28°C
  • Night time minimum temperature = 8°C
  • Average rainfall = 0mm
  • Average daylight = 11.5 hours

What's the weather going to be like in Botswana in August?

  • August has cool mornings and evenings – typically, temperatures are below 10°C and can drop below freezing during the night
  • It’s winter season, so there are clear skies and it’s almost completely dry
  • Variable, so we recommend layers for early mornings and evenings, and daywear of shorts and T-shirts
  • Clear night skies result in cool morning temperatures

What are the highlights of visiting Botswana in August?

  • Following the chilly starts, days are pleasantly warm
  • There aren’t many mosquitoes and bugs in general
  • Elephant numbers throughout the Linyanti and Chobe regions are at their most impressive this month – in fact, they’re the best in Africa
  • The quality of game viewing improves with the drying up of water sources – animal populations really cluster around permanent rivers and watering holes
  • Vibrant southern carmine bee-eaters fly in and can be spotted throughout the grasslands
  • Short grasses and thin bushscape improve opportunities to spot wildlife
  • Photographers enjoy capturing gorgeously frosted scenery

Any lowlights?

  • There’s low availability of properties throughout the north of the country
  • August is in peak rates season
  • Vehicle safaris are a bit nippy in early morning and evening
  • The ground can get pretty dusty the farther you travel from water sources, due to the dry weather
  • With so much wildlife gathering in smaller areas around waterholes and other sources, heavy tension among species can occur

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