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Oddballs' Enclave

  • A very intimate little camp on an islet off Chief’s Island, Okavango Delta
  • Just five comfy tents, all with en-suite facilities
  • Gorgeous lounge, dining/viewing deck, bar
  • Wonderful walking safaris, mokoro excursions, visit your guide’s own home!
When To Visit Okavango Delta:
"The Oddballs camps split opinion. Some love their care free attitude to safaris whilst others find the approach somewhat risky. I’m afraid we choose to sit on the fence with their properties, talking clients through the pro’s and con’s in detail before making a decision."


This is a fab little camp, perfect for classic safari. Both Oddballs’ Enclave and sister property Oddballs’ Camp are owned by Footsteps in Africa. This is a company that delivers safari experiences at reasonable prices, while being conscious of its impact on the environment and the local people. As at other Footsteps offerings, children of all ages are welcome here!


The Enclave is accessed by light aircraft. There is no other way to gain entry! It is a classic water camp, surrounded by the wildlife-rich floodplains, papyrus swamps, reed beds and channels of the beautiful Okavango Delta.


The communal building has a suitably authentic style, constructed from wood and raised above the ground. The lounge area contains plenty of wood-framed and cushion-covered seating – and there is an additional space for sitting and relaxing that is not under cover, so you can rest up and enjoy the sun! The dining area features a long table where guests can tuck in to meals together, while at the bar you can collect a drink then take a seat on the very edge of the deck. This area has truly amazing views!

Equally impressive scenes of the Delta are provided by each of the Enclave’s guest tents, from a private veranda. These five tents are positioned on either side of the main building and they are also elevated above ground. The veranda has a couple of chairs and a small table, so you can sit, relax, and marvel at the view. Inside, through a zip door, there is either a double bed or twin beds, with bedside tables, lighting, and storage unit. The en-suite facilities are semi-detached and include flush toilet, washbasin, and outdoor shower! The accommodation is simple yet very comfortable, just right for a classic water camp.


Activities from the Enclave are also everything we would expect from this sort of safari property!

  • Excursions in a mokoro, a dug-out canoe, are available during the morning and the afternoon. The camp offers walking safaris too.
  • Both on water and land, there is an astonishing amount of wildlife to see – lion, leopard, cheetah, huge herds of elephant, other herbivores such as wildebeest, zebra, kudu, impala, reedbuck, waterbuck, warthog, baboon, hippo, crocodile… the list goes on and on!
  • The mokoro trips transport you quietly across the water, so you can come very near to the wildlife. Walking also yields some close encounters, also of the plant kind!
  • There is one guide for a maximum of two guests at the Enclave, and you have the same guide throughout your stay. This means you get to know each other really well – and the guide is able to keep track of what you have seen, so he can ensure that every day brings a new and exciting experience!
  • Guests are invited to the home of their guide – this is a great opportunity to learn about ways of living in the Delta. It is highly recommended by YZ!

Okavango Delta

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