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Sales Support Executive

After moving from Africa to London in 2018, Tori has joined the Sales Support department at YZ.

A snapshot

To date, the majority of Tori’s work experience has focused on client and guest management services, as well as, most recently, sales and operations within the travel industry.

Tori's biography

Born and raised on a farm in Zimbabwe, Tori has spent most of her life in the bush.

After finishing school in Zimbabwe, she travelled to Australia for 6 months before settling in Cape Town, South Africa for the next 11 years. She moved to London in 2018, but couldn’t seem to leave Africa too far behind her – and she hasn’t had to after finding YZ!

While growing up in Africa, Tori travelled extensively throughout Zimbabwe and South Africa, and she has also been on numerous trips to both Mozambique and Mauritius.

Most memorable experience

“There’s too many to choose from, so I have had to narrow it down to my top three: watching a herd of elephants crossing the Zambezi river (you could spot the babies in the herd by their little trunks sticking out above the water surface), catching a dhow boat from an island in Mozambique back to the mainland during a massive storm, and bungee jumping and white water rafting in Victoria Falls.”