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Operations Executive

Sam joins the Operations team at Yellow Zebra, bringing a wealth of experience in overland tours. We’re delighted to welcome her into the herd!


I moved to Cape Town shortly after finishing my diploma in Travel and Business Management 9 years ago. While living in the Mother City, I worked in retail, wholesale, overland tours, and photographic safaris, and I became an expert in specialised Southern African safaris. I’ve recently moved to London to explore my British heritage.


Sam grew up on a small game farm in Johannesburg, where the bush was her playground and her love for nature began. With lions, buffalo, and all sorts of wildlife on her doorstep, it was the best childhood. At a young age, she was lucky to have opportunities to travel to South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Namibia with her family on long road trips in their VW Combi. Sam has also enjoyed some great opportunities with her work, sky diving over the dunes in Swakopmund, white water rafting on the Zambezi, bungee jumping the highest in Africa, and camping under the stars in the Makgadikgadi Pans.

At 19, Sam studied at a private travel college, where she got an early foot through the door of the working world. Starting off in retail for a few years, she moved into overland tours, which is where her love for Africa and specialised safaris began. After 9 years, she has achieved a lifelong goal of moving to her mother’s birth country. Now at YZ, she joins Operations to make sure the tours will run as smoothly as they can.


“At age 15, I went on a two-week road trip with my family from Johannesburg to the Caprivi Strip. Although I had grown up in the bush, once we crossed the first border into Botswana the experience became real. I’d been used to the comfortable one stops and rest rooms of South Africa, and this was the first time I had the real Africa experience. On our way to Livingstone we had to cross the Kazungula Ferry – back then, it looked like a piece of wood floating in this raging river called the Great Zambezi. There I was, a teenager out of her comfort zone, and it took my dad to have to make a small white lie that we were just waiting in the queue for border purposes. Meanwhile it was our only way across, and there we were on this plank in the middle of this raging river, with the biggest truck I have ever seen. Although scary at the time, it still is one of my best memories of Africa.”