Haja Randrianarisoa

Marketing Executive

A Snapshot

My name is Haja. I was born and raised in Madagascar. I was lucky enough to travel across the island as I grew up. After I finished with studies I moved to South Africa to start a new adventure. I was fortunate to work in the travel industry where I had opportunity to travel through Southern Africa and East Africa.

Through the industry I have met so many people from different backgrounds and learned about interesting new cultures. I have seen different landscapes and scenery, as well as hotels and lodges from Cape Town to the Serengeti, which was mind blowing.

I am passionate about leisure travel and consider myself as an Africa ambassador. I am proud to come from Africa and I am happy to share my experience with others to inspire them.

I recently completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Marketing from the University of Cape Town. I am pleased to be able to apply my skills with my current position and very much enjoying being part of Yellow Zebra Safaris.